The only* electronic signature that integrates with you.

* We are patent pending.

We know the value of keeping your information private.

We Integrate With You

IntegrationOur sigObject™ is easily implemented into any system or work flow & can be used to capture a signature for any transaction requiring a signature.

Platform Agnostic

Platform agnosticOur sigObject™ works in all major browsers and is also capable of integrating with all mobile touch devices and tablets.

Sign, Don't Check Anything

Sign your nameUnlike most e-signature solutions, we don’t accept a check box or input field to suffice as a signature. We ensure a person is using and signing our product.

Validated For Your Protection

IntegrationWe employ 3 levels of security in order to validate our sigObject™. If any level of security isn’t met, our sigObject™ fails and disallows a signature.

Signature Validation

Platform agnosticWhen using our sigObject™, we capture multiple levels of data to ensure they are legally binding and unique to a transaction.

Unmatched Speed

Sign your nameThe speed at which our sigObject™ authenticates & validates is lightening fast.
Photo Capture Time Stamp User Intent User Intent

Completed sigObject™

Our full featured sigObject™ comes packed with validity and data to strengthen the validity of a signature and give our clients more defense when binding a signature with a transaction.
Completed sigObject™