Our highest level of security when integrating with you.

The highest protection for our clients and signees.

Built On A Solid Foundation

Our sigObjectXT™ is based off of our sigObject™ product and has the same intergration process, except for some extra magic.

We have added an additional security feature, creating the highest level of security when integrating with our clients.

Indisputable Binding

The extra feature we have added to create our sigObjectXT™ makes it virtually impossible to dispute a signature that is associated to a transaction.

Our encryption literally locks a signature with a document and not only protects our clients, but all singees as well.

Try It Yourself

Try it now Do you want to see the magic? You can't peek behind the curtain, but you can certainly kick the tires. See the features in action with a simple demo.

Patent Pending Technology

US Patent & Trademark seal The technology behind our sigObject™ has been submitted to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and we are proud to say we are patent pending.